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Local and long distance trips all around Finland in one service – buses and trains from the same service.

Searching for train or bus timetables? Trying to book the comfiest trip, compare prices and routes between several websites like VR, Onnibus and Matkahuolto? Now you can book your best trip fast and easy, using only one service -!

TimetablesTimetables for trains and buses

Short and long distance trips all around Finland – buses and trains in one service.

CompareRoute search and prices comparison

Compare prices, find cheap flights and cheap buses easy and fast

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Choose the best option and purchase bus, plane or VR tickets effortlessly


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The most affordable ticket service in Finland is the most affordable and customer oriented ticket service in Finland. You can search for your trip by options, comparing prices and purchasing train, plane or bus tickets as easy as it's only possible. No need to surf many websites for planning a trip. Now you can find VR timetable, Finnair and Matkahuolto tickets, Savonlinja, Pohjolan liikenne and Lux express bus trips from one service. Travelling is finally easy and comfortable, as it should be.

Buses and trains

Are you looking for buses or trains for your upcoming trip? From you can find both! Just input your origin, destination and departure date and search for buses and trains at the same time. This way you can see all the options and decide if a bus or train is more suitable for your trip. Sometimes long-distance routes include both bus and train journeys. In these situations provides travel chains that include bus and train trips. This makes planning your trip and purchasing tickets faster and easier as you can plan your connections and purchase all tickets at the same time.

Search for buses and trains from

Search routes and compare prices

When you input your departure date and origin, will provide you with bus and train journeys for your route from several different websites. By using the advanced settings you can set a price limit for trips shown by our service. You can also organize trips according to price so that they will be put in order from cheapest to most expensive. makes price comparison easy and fast by providing trip prices from many websites all in one service.

Compare prices and search for trips from

Timetables for trains and buses

From you can find timetables for trains and buses from several different websites. Our service makes finding trips easier – just input your departure time and Perille will provide you with all different options including both buses and trains. No need to compromise due to lack of trips suitable for your preferred departure time. With just one search will provide you with trips from many websites including Onnibus, VR, Matkahuolto, Pohjolan liikenne and many more!

Search for timetables for trains and buses easily from here.

Bus and train tickets

From you can find train and bus trips from different websites and purchase bus and train tickets easily. You can do everything using only one service – search for timetables, compare trips and purchase bus or train tickets for the trip of your choice.

Find the best trip and purchase bus and train tickets at the same time from

Routes from door-to-door

Our service will help you to plan trips from door-to-door, you just need to input destination points and Perille will provide you many available trip options, including taxis, public transportation and other travel alternatives like driving and bike routes. also provides travel combinations and nearby transfers. We make planning every journey significantly faster and easier.

Now searching for the most suitable trip and purchasing tickets is easy

We make a lot of effort into making sure that our services are easy to use. You don´t need to upload a mobile app or register in order to purchase tickets. Everything is easy: just make your choice, pay for a purchaise, get your tickets on email and enjoy your trip.

By using more precise search settings you can filter the options. For instance, finding cheap bus tickets is easier when you provide a price limit. If you have a certain timetable in mind you can make the search easier by setting a precise departure or arrival time.

Ferry trips to Tallinn and buses to St. Petersburg

From the service you will also find ferry trips to Tallinn and buses to St. Petersburg. In the future we will also provide tickets for local public transportation. We are actively improving our services and adding new carriers, so stay with us and benefit from easy travelling in the future as well!

Supporter of sustainability

In addition to being trendy, sustainable tourism is also extremely important in the long run. The service assists in making ecological travelling choices by making public transportation easier to use by, for instance, finding the most suitable routes. This is especially important to travellers who are headed to new destinations and favor long distance trips along the country. The travel search engine provides you with information on the amount of emissions of each trip option, which makes it easier to choose the most ecological option.

Perille widget is a trip search window for your travel web-site for free

We’ve got a lot of gratitude from travel professionals because of the trip search window we have developed. It can be easily placed on any website, it is free and will always be.

Perille widget helps travellers to easily find public transportation routes to the travel destination or place of the event in Finland. Perille service doesn’t only help to find suitable bus or train, it is also able to provide you with travel chains that are combining different types of transportation, e.g. train + bus. You can also easily buy needed tickets right away.

Easy and useful can be found already on many finnish travel web-sites, such as,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Perille widget is mobile-friendly, it is easy to set up and you don’t need software development skills. There are language versions of the search window and a few parameters that you can adjust. Here you can test the widget and copy the code to be embedded on your web-site. If you need more instructions on widget setting up, you can find it in this blog article (in finnish).

Join a satisfied set of travel professionals and customers already today by taking the search window into use and help your customers to easily find bus and train trips to your destination!

The Finnish company

The provider of the service is Perille Mobility Services Oy, which is a Finnish company that was established in 2015. One of our founders got tired of the inconvenient process of comparing schedules and prices between many different websites. As a person who travels a lot due to his work he decided that there must be a better way.

This is how our company was born, alongside with the service that now saves tens of thousands of peoples´ time by combining finding the most suitable trip with effortless ticket purchasing into one convenient service.

Read the entire story from our blog.

Your feedback is important to us

We are constantly working on improving our services. If there´s something on your mind or if you have good development ideas, we would be happy to hear your feedback. From the bottom of this page you will find an email address through which you can contact us. Have a great trip!

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