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We are Perille.fi, the most comprehensive travel ticket service in Finland!

Our goal is to make use of public transport so accessible, that you could easily make a decision to leave your car home.

With our service you can find many options for travelling by train, bus or plane, which would suit you best, also compare price, timetable, distance, route and even an amount of CO2 emissions.

We are constantly expanding our service, adding local transportation and soon via Perille.fi will be possible to find options for traveling not only around the country, but also abroad.

We strive to make the service simple and approachable, even it has been rooted on complex technical processes.

Understanding that the use of an own car might be needed for a travel, we have also added this option for comparison.

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There is no need to download an app or register on a website, you just put your destinations, choose the most appropriate trip options, pay for it and get tickets. One of the advantages is scheduling the entire trip door-to-door, which also includes connection to another mode of transport.

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Perille.fi core team

Pete Räsänen

CTO / Co-founder


Olavi Paananen

CEO / Co-founder


Vesa Heikkinen



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