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Buy Helsinki area public transport tickets to metro, busses, trains and trams without registration or app download!

HSL tickets easily from the service is a handy Finnish travel tickets service that you can use to plan your trip on public transport and to buy tickets to long-distance busses, trains and travel chains.

Starting from the fall 2020 you can buy on also HSL tickets that are valid for public transport of the Helsinki metropolitan area.

The service is planned first of all for occasional travellers, e.g. those, who come for a working trip from another city or those, who come to Helsinki for a short free-time visit. Buying a ticket is easy: you select a suitable HSL zone and press “Buy”, enter your phone number and email for ticket delivery, pay for the purchase and receive the ticket to your mobile device.

Ticket comes directly to your mobile

Long-distance and HSL tickets from the same service

No need to register or download mobile app

How to select a suitable HSL zone?

Most of the travellers coming to Helsinki will need an AB-ticket. You will need an AB-ticket if you come to the Helsinki city centre and go by metro, bus, tram or train to any place in the Helsinki area (don’t mix with Espoo or Vantaa!) or by metro to Espoo.

If you need to go from the Helsinki Central (e.g. Railwaystation, Kamppi or Pasila) to the Helsinki-Vantaa airport or vice versa, you will need an ABC-ticket. Ticket that covers the whole HSL area is an ABCD-ticket. You can travel with ABCD-ticket to all cities and towns of HSL area that are Helsinki, Espoo, Kauniainen, Vantaa, Kerava, Sipoo, Tuusula, Kirkkonummi ja Siuntio.

More precise information about HSL zones you can find from HSL Journey Planner.

Prices of the public transport tickets in Helsinki Region

You will find the prices of HSL tickets earlier on this page. All prices already include a service fee that is 50 cents. Even though you pay a bit more compared to the price of a ticket you would get from the HSL app, you save your time and the memory of your mobile since you neither need to download the app nor to register anywhere.

Where to buy HSL tickets?

Tickets sold by HSL you can get from HSL ticket machines and HSL application that can be downloaded from App Store, Google Play and AppGallery application stores. HSL online store is closed. There is no ticket sales in trams, trains and busses. you can get tickets without registration or app download. Many kiosks and shops sell HSL tickets as well. They also take service fee in addition to HSL ticket price.

Tram tickets are not anymore in use. Normal AB-ticket is valid for Helsinki trams.

Trip search on service

If you go from Helsinki to a longer trip than the HSL area, will help you to find the most suitable trip for you. On the service you will find suitable routes, compare prices and timetable of trains and busses, plan combined trips containing both trains and busses and easily buy tickets to almost all long-distance busses and trains in Finland.

On the service you will find Onnibus, Matkahuolto, VR and many other transportation options. Go to the trip search on here.

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